Liturgy Planning


March 28, 2024

Year abc - Lectionary []


Psalm 101/102: O Lord, Hear My Prayer
Composer: Steven C. Warner
Psalm 137: Jerusalem
Composer: Steven C. Warner
Text: Jerusalem, Jerusalem, when shall I come to thee? Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thy joy when shall I see?
Psalm 22: My God, My God (Haugen)
Composer: Haugen, Marty
Psalm 22: My God, My God (Waddell)
Composer: Waddell OCSO, Chrysogonous
Publisher: WLP
Psalm 90/91: Be with Me, Lord
Composer: Warner
Publisher: WLP

Hymns & Songs

Composer: Don McLean
Text: By the waters of bablyon we lay down and wept for thee zion
Canticle of Simeon
Composer: Rev. Peter D. Rocca, c.s.c.
Text: Protect us, Lord, as we stay awake; watch over us as we sleep, that awake we may keep watch with Christ, and asleep, rest in His peace
Christus Factus Est
Composer: Anerio
Crux Fidelis
Composer: Warner, Steven C.
Text: Constitutions of the Congregation of Holy Cross
Publisher: WLP
Composer: William Byrd
Text: Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy, Lord have mercy
Miserere, Domine
Composer: Palmer
Text: Miserere, Domine, miserere nobis. Turn to me in mercy, Lord, I have sinned against you. Turn my heart and change me, heal my sin and ignorance.
Publisher: WLP
O Cross of Christ, Immortal Tree
Composer: Kentucky Harmony
Text: Stanbrook Abbey Hymnal
O Vos Omnes
Composer: Tomás Luis de Victoria
We Must Glory in the Cross
Composer: Steven C. Warner