The Reality of Sex Trafficking in Dublin Today


Location: Newman University Church

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A lecture given by Noeline Blackwell, CEO of Dublin Rape Crisis Centre. Noeline will cover questions like, "What is understood by sex-trafficking? When does it happen? How do we know it is taking place in Ireland (specifically in Dublin)?" Noeline will also speak about the harm that sex trafficking causes and the criminal nature of trafficking. How do we support those we suspect are being trafficked and keep them safe?


"Ms Blackwell is the CEO of the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre, which works to prevent the harm and heal the trauma of sexual violence through education training and awareness raising campaigns."

"The mission of the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre is to prevent the harm and heal the trauma of rape and other forms of sexual violence."

"Sexual violence is a serious public health and human rights issue with both short and long-term consequences for those affected. The Dublin Rape Crisis Centre has been at the forefront of the Irish response to sexual violence for more than 40 years."


Noeline Blackwell 27 April