The Lady Chapel and Other Points of Interest

A statue of the Sacred Heart adorns the sanctuary on the right hand side, while the Lady Chapel on the left was added as a gift from Mr Justice William O’Brien in 1875. Our Lady is being assumed into Heaven supported by two angels on a cloud. The Lady Chapel has three stained glass windows depicting The Nativity, The Adoration of the Magi and The Boy Christ among the Doctors in the Temple. 

A bust of St. John Henry Newman, by Sir Thomas Farrell (1827-1902), has occupied a niche half way up the nave on the right hand side since 1892. Nearby, in the ante-church, is a medallion portrait in memory of Thomas Arnold (1830-1900) – professor of English and Literature at University College, and son of Dr Thomas Arnold, Headmaster of Rugby, and brother of the poet Matthew Arnold.