Newman and Education

In 1859 Newman approached Patrick Leahy, Archbishop of Cashel and one of the trustees of the university, with a proposal that he and the other trustees should purchase the University Church.

The trustees had a number of reservations and it was not until 1864 that the matter was resolved and Newman received £2,400. Almost from the beginning the running costs of the church exceeded its income and the university trustees became anxious about this draw on university funds. Following negotiations with the Archdiocese of Dublin, the church was given to the parish of St Kevin, Harrington Street.

The university continued to have full access to the church but it was no longer considered responsible for its financial liabilities. In 1974 University Church became the church of a newly constituted parish hived off from St Kevin’s. In 1908 University College Dublin, was established. For many years UCD availed of the facilities of the former Catholic University prior to its relocation to Belfield, Dublin 4.