Life is Short, Art is Long: The Art and Architecture of University Church with Aoife-Marie Buckley


Location: Newman University Church

Dsc 0042

"Life is short, Art is long. Long, because it asks from us so long a study. Art is a translation of some aspects of that lovely creation in which we live. Art translates into a language and writes with letters of its own. It takes long to learn this language; long to fashion the hand to write these characters with grace and skill. Art is long; perfection is unattainable. Unattainable, according to the ideal of the artist; yet, in a measure, perfection has from time to time been reached; and that in an astonishing manner. What has been the secret of this occasional success? The answer is simple indeed; it has been by love, by courage, by modesty, by patient but determined perseverance." -John Hungerford Pollen (builder of University Church)