Child Safeguarding and Protection Service

Best Practice Procedures

In order to implement the Parish Policy the parish will put the following procedures in place:


Ensure that a signed consent form from parents or guardians is obtained prior to the participation of children and young people in events, activities and groups.

Parents or guardians should be asked to indicate if the children have any specific dietary requirements, medical needs or special needs


An accurate record should be kept for each child and young person participating in activities, including, but not limited to, attendance, programme details and medical information. This record should include a copy of the consent form or letter signed by the parent or guardian. It should also contain details of emergency contact numbers.

A written record of organisers, supervisors, employees and volunteers in attendance at events, such as meetings, choir rehearsals and sports activities, should be kept.

An Incident/Accident Report Form should be completed in the event of and accident or incident relating to a child.


Every Church organisation should have a clear policy in place regarding the use of email and the internet:

Where a computer is used by more than one person, each person should be obliged to have a unique username and password, or where this is not possible, to maintain a signed record of the date, time and duration of their use of the computer.

Where a computer in a Church organisation or institution can be accessed by children or young people, it should be accessible only through the use of a username and password unique to each child. Where this is not possible, the children or young people should be obliged to provide a signed record of the date, time and duration of their use of the computer.

Computers which can be accessed by children or young people should always have appropriate filtering software.

All computers in Church organisation and institutions should be monitored regularly to ensure that they are being used in accordance with the stated policy. Where there is any suspicion or doubt, a person with specialist knowledge of computer hardware and software should be asked to assess the purposes for which the computer has been used.