Child Safeguarding and Protection Service

Making Information Available

To assist the reporting of child protection concerns, the contact details of the Diocesan Designated Person, the H.S.E. and the Gardai will be made widely available at parish level. They will, for example, be displayed in clearly visible and accessible places, such as the entrance to the Church and in other relevant community buildings.

The contact details for the Parish Child Protection Representative may also be made available.

Each volunteer worker, together with the priests and the Parish Pastoral Council, will be given a copy of the Policy document and asked to read it to ensure that everyone knows the Parish Policy on Child Protection.

We recommend that all groups operating in a church setting, including visiting groups, be made aware of the policies and procedures for child protection in operation in the parish and shall be asked to confirm that they will implement these policies and procedures. Responsibility for ensuring that our Policy has the agreement of such groups will fall on the sub-group of the Parish Pastoral Council under whose care they fall.