Child Safeguarding and Protection Service

Child Protection Representative

As part of our policy the Parish will nominate a Child Protection Representative in accordance with OUR CHILDREN OUR CHURCH.

The responsibilities of the Child Protection Representative will be:

  • To promote awareness of the Church’s child protection policies.
  • To ensure that the public has ready access to contact details for the Director of Child Protection.
  • To facilitate anyone in the parish in bringing an allegation or suspicion of child abuse to the attention of the Director of Child Protection, should they wish to have such support.
  • The Parish Child Protection Representative should be appointed by the parish after appropriate consultation and agreement with the diocese. The person appointed should have the personal qualities, interest and life experience fitting to the tasks involved. He or she will be given a role specification, be required to undergo training and will be able to draw on expert help and support from the Director of Child Protection.
  • The Child Protection Representative will be given every assistance by the Parish Pastoral Council in carrying out his/her task.
  • The Child Protection Representative does not deal with the reported child abuse him/herself, but refers it to the designated person within the diocese, i.e. the Director of the Child Protection Service.