Child Safeguarding and Protection Service

Appendix 4 – Children’s Code of Behaviour

1. Treat all other children with respect, and do not use bullying tactics.

2. Be fair and do not tell lies about others or adults.

3. Abide by the rules as set out in the Church policy on Child Protection.

4. Respect the house of God and promote good behaviour.

5. Do not spread rumours.

6. Do not harm any other children, or church property.

7. Do not shout or argue in God’s house.

8. Children must not keep secrets, especially if they have caused harm.

9. Do not use violence or physical contact with others.

10. Never cheat.

11. Talk to the person in charge if you have a problem of any kind.

12. Behave in a manner that coincides with the dignity of the Church of God.

13. Do not use or bring unwarranted or dangerous substances into the Church.

14. The use of mobile phones is prohibited within the Church.