Rules and Guidelines for Ár nAthair Musical Competition

Record a video of you, a choir or a group of friends performing the setting of the
Ár nAthair by Steven C. Warner (here is a downloadable pdf of the sheet music; phonetic version available upon request). The performance may be sung, instrumental or both. Here is a YouTube link to the song. Although the melody should remain the same, you may be creative and use your own artistic expression when putting together your rendition of the song.

Please film with your camera horizontally. Begin your recording with a brief introduction of the performers before beginning to sing/play. When complete, upload your recording to YouTube and name it:
NDNC Ár nAthair Music Competition – [YOUR NAME HERE]

Competition is open to anyone. Winners will be chosen based on musical interpretation, quality of performance and overall presentation. First prize €500 • Second prize €250 • Third prize €100

Click here to enter your contact information, upload your video, and fill out a Release Form. The Release Form (and Parent/Guardian Form if any entrant is under the age of 18) must be printed, signed and uploaded for your entry to be considered. Deadline for submissions is February 28, 2021. Winners will be contacted and announced mid-March.

If you have any questions, please email