The Two Thomases: A lecture by Richard Rex

On Thursday, 25th June, we welcome Professor Richard Rex as he lectures on “The Two Thomases” beginning at 7.30pm. Thomas More and Thomas Cromwell are two important figures of English history. They are set in opposition to each other. More is the defender of the Catholic Church in England, and Cromwell its avowed opponent. Even today, the two figures remain relevant. Prof. Rex will discuss these two men and how, even more, they are used to advance opposing arguments about Church and State, religion and society. The event is free and open to the public with a reception to follow.

Richard Rex is a Fellow of Queens’ College, Cambridge, where he is Director of Studies in Theological and Religious Studies. One of his research areas is the Reformation era in Europe. His published works include Tudors: the Illustrated History and Henry VIII and the English Reformation.