“Is the God of the Old Testament an Angry, Vindictive God?”

We are pleased to announce a talk by Gary Anderson from the Department of Theology at the University of Notre Dame. On Tuesday, 15 May, he will speak on the character of God as seen through the lens of the Old Testament. The lecture will begin around 7pm, following our 6pm Taizé service. Free and open to the public, with a reception to follow in the rear of the church.
Anderson is the Hesburgh Professor of Catholic Theology at Notre Dame. His interests concern the religion and literature of the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible with special interest in the reception of the Bible in early Judaism and Christianity. His interests span the entire Bible but as of recent he has put special focus on the book of Genesis as well as priestly literature. He is also interested in biblical narrative, canonical exegesis, biblical theology, Jewish culture and religion and Jewish-Christian relations. His most recent publications include Charity: The Place of the Poor in the Biblical Tradition (Yale University Press, 2013) and Sin: A History (Yale University Press, 2009).